How to Make a Square Knot Bracelet – Video Instruction

Best gift idea & video tutorial to learn how to make a chic Square Knot Bracelet.

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Braided bracelets were mostly worn by teens as best friend bracelets. But as time goes by, they do become grown up and find a place in the fashion world and adult wardrobes.

Ordinary people or celebrities, all wear braided bracelet to look chic or, as its original use, to honor friendship and love, or amazingly both ways.

Braided bracelets go well with metallic accessories

Stacked or worn alone, braided bracelet can style with any dress code on various occasions, be it a working place or a hot party. Undoubtedly, these fashion world necessities will be further valued if they are crafted by your own hand and given as a best friend/lover/mom/dad gift. The receiver would love to wear it every day.

So with no further due, follow our tutorial video below and braid your one of a kind square knot bracelet.

Materials and tools:

1.5m wax string

1 * anchor charm

2 * crimps

1 scissors

Attention: when you tie the square knot, be sure you reverse the way to make the knot one after another (like shown in the following pic). If you keep tying the knot from the same direction, the knotting cord will be spiraling down the middle cord (maybe another style you may like as well).

Square knot

Braid your love into a unique bracelet, and show it to the whole world. Leave us a comment with your own work or share it on our Facebook page (@charmtell).

If there are other DIY bracelets you want to learn, tell us  in your comment and we can make another video for you!

Cute Presents Ideas – Handmade Bangle

Best birthday gift idea & detailed tutorial to learn how to make a chic Czech Glass Bangle.

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Isn’t it amazing how many different kinds of bracelets you can make out of nearly the same ingredients? In our last post, we showed you how to create a braided style bangle by use of Czech beads and copper cords. Now, with similar ingredients we are gonna craft a whole new piece of jewelry which will make yourself proud.


All ingredients needed for this gorgeous bangle are provided in this cute kit, by which you can make 2 more sets for you and your best friends.


Charmtell® Popular Czech Glass Bangle Diy Kit

Just follow this detailed tutorial step by step, and if you have any problems, you can also reach us on Facebook @charmtell via Message real time. We will be more than happy to connect to every creative mind!

Cute Birthday Presents for Friends

DIY a chic Czech Bead Bangle with a personal touch is the best birthday gift idea for her.
check the tutorial to make sure your project goes well.

How to make a chic Czech Bead Bangle

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One of the toughest decisions is to choose a cute birthday present for your friend. But with right materials and a short learning curve, you can create something extra special to impress your besties. Girls love jewelry and fashionable accessories. Listed below is a tutorial to make an adorable Czech bead bangle, which your friends will immediately fall in love with.

Like always, everything you need to create a Czech Bead Bangle is nicely curated in the Charmtell® Aurora Czech Bead Bangle DIY Kit.

To start with, cut 3 identical copper cords twice the length of your wrist with the multi-use plier that came with the kit.

Loop the ends of the copper cords as shown in pic No.3 so they look like a 3-strand rope.

String a bead first into the middle strand, with the other 2 surround the bead.

Intertwine the strands like you are braiding them, but don’t forget to string a bead to each one of the strands one by one in the same order. Keep braiding and stringing till it is long enough to circle your wrist.

Twist the other end of the 3 strands together the way shown in pic No. 7, then loop the whole strand back like a hook, so that it can be fastened to the beginning end.

This is a fabulous idea by making use of Czech beads to craft beautiful ornaments and one of the best gifts that your friends will love. Giving them something unique in the world, which is made by you, who won’t be touched?