How to Make an Endearing Gem Bracelet

Detailed tutorial for you to learn how to make an Endearing Agate Charm Bracelet.

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The thing about handmade jewelry is that, there is something special about wearing it and knowing that no one else has the same piece as you do.  Every time you get a compliment on your bracelet or necklace, it’s extra special because you designed and created it.  It’s more than just a conversation starter, an accessory, it’s an extension of your personality in fashion form.

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Gem Bracelets with Cute Charms


Just like this simple but endearing agate bracelet. For me, this agate bracelet with seashell charm always reminds me of the Disney animation Moana, the girl who sailed half of the world to rescue her people, and the singing voice arise in my mind immediately “and no one knows how far I will go”.

Following this step-by-step tutorial, you will not only be able to create it the way you prefer, but also endow it with unique and inspiring meanings that are representative of the inner you.

Everything you need to craft this agate charm bracelet is carefully wrapped in the Charmtell® Seastar Agate Bracelet DIY Kit. To start with, let’s measure the elastic wire with twice the length of your wrist, before cut it with scissors.

With the wire prepared, now string the agate,  gem (high quality fluorite) and charms till it is long enough to circle your wrist. When the bead string matches your wrist size, tie the ends of the wire 3 times as shown in pic No.4 — easy right?

Cut the extra wire carefully (don’t hurt youself ~) and adjust it to hide the tiny knot into the bead hole. Here is your beautifully made agate bracelet with crystal fluorite and shining seashell charm.

You can arrange the order of different gem beads as well as the choice of charms to you own liking. This DIY kit can make at least 2 sets of bracelets, one for you and one as an amazing gift for you best friends.

Using the same technique shown above, you can also make your own pretty charm bracelets with other cute gems such like pink quartz, moon stone, turquoise etc. Find more high quality precious stones on our website >>>

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