Cute Presents Ideas – Handmade Bangle

Best birthday gift idea & detailed tutorial to learn how to make a chic Czech Glass Bangle.

Czech Glass · Beaded Bracelets · Classic Never Fade

Isn’t it amazing how many different kinds of bracelets you can make out of nearly the same ingredients? In our last post, we showed you how to create a braided style bangle by use of Czech beads and copper cords. Now, with similar ingredients we are gonna craft a whole new piece of jewelry which will make yourself proud.


All ingredients needed for this gorgeous bangle are provided in this cute kit, by which you can make 2 more sets for you and your best friends.


Charmtell® Popular Czech Glass Bangle Diy Kit

Just follow this detailed tutorial step by step, and if you have any problems, you can also reach us on Facebook @charmtell via Message real time. We will be more than happy to connect to every creative mind!