How to Make a Classic Pearl Bracelet

Detailed tutorial for you to learn how to make a classic pearl bracelet.

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Most of us want to be more creative. Which is great! But all too often we hear complains such as it can be difficult to find the time, money and supplies needed to build your skills, or lack of confidence to do the self-teaching, come up with creative ideas and carry them out.

We CAN sympathize. It’s one of the reasons we started, to make all the creative ideas happen — to supply all ingredients, to show you how, to sharpen your skill and to offer more possibilities. We specialized in jewelry making supplies that are delicately curated in one kit for you to craft a personalized bracelet, ring or necklace. With detailed jewelry-making tutorials that come with every kit, we eliminate every obstacle to craft jewelry with your own style and to which you have a closer affinity.

To better know us, let’s take a closer look at this Elegance Pearl Bracelet DIY Kit.


Pearls are always appropriate. With different charms to add a hint of individuality to your classic pearl bracelet, it will be a cute accessory that goes nicely with nearly all of you styles.

PS: there will be enough materials for you to make another one for your best friends as well.

PPS: Get the Elegance Pearl Bracelet DIY Kit now and be the creative you.