How to Make a Chic Turquoise Bracelet

Detailed tutorial for you to learn how to make a boho style turquoise bracelet.

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 Heal-U Turquoise Bracelet 

Every body loves Boho style and turquoise is definitely the most indispensable part of it. Turquoise element, be it a bracelet, a ring or a necklace, can always add a touch of chic and exoticism.

With all the carefully curated ingredients, just follow our tutorial below. It was never easier to have a chic turquoise bracelet made by yourself.

1. Find everything you need to craft a turquoise bracelet in the Charmtell® Heal-U Turquoise Bracelet DIY Kit
2. Measure the wire with enough length fit for your wrist, before cut it with scissors.
3. Loop the end of the wire through a crimp bead.
4. Narrow the loop and squish the crimp bead with a chain nose pliers.
5. Put the crimp cover around the crimp bead from under, squish the two sides close, and voila, one end finished. Next comes the most interesting part – string the beads.
6. Arrange the various types of beads that come with the Charmtell® Kit to your preference. There are also pendant clips for you to add cute charms via jump rings. Like shown in the pic.
7. When you have added enough beads to circle your wrist, fist add the crimp cover, then the crimp bead.
8. Attention! This will be a little bit tricky! Loop the wire back through the crimp bead, the crimp cover, and the last few beads to hide the extra wire. Remember to squish the crimp bead and then the crimp cover. Voila, another end finished.

Last step:

Add a jump ring to both ends of the string via the squished crimp cover and attach a lobster clasp to one of the jump ring. Your turquoise charm bracelet is now ready to go.

turquoise charm bracelet goes with boho style clothing
Looks chic and fabulous with casual clothing.

Shop this Heal-U Turquoise Bracelet DIY Kit now. Make a bracelet of your own and there will be enough materials left for a friend bracelet (nice gift for your bestie, right?).

Charmtell® focuses on jewel-making supplies that are beautifully curated in one cute and pretty kit. We have everything well prepared for you and take the chores out of designing and creating your own jewelry.